Your online presence can be a much more immersive and engaging experience. Learn how a 3D virtual tour will help you.


A virtual tour will become your online showroom – accessible at any time and to anyone, so more customers can experience the ambience of your store.

If you are in ecommerce, thanks to the Matterport® tags technology, you can link products in your e-shop to those found in the 3D tour. Customers then can simply collect their purchases directly from the shelf.

Company headquarters

A quality web presentation today gives a great first impression, because it is online that most new customers will see you for the first time. Show them how your company really works and looks in 3D.

After building a new customer base online, your clients can then locate your physical business premises, whether it’s your manufacturing HQ, administrative control centre or warehouse. Most users of GPS navigation rely on Google Maps. Make it easier for your clients and business partners to get to you. We can implement a 3D virtual tour in Google Street view.

Companies can very easily present their entire production process to clients remotely. Rather than powerpoint, zoom meetings and screen shares; a virtual walkthrough in their own time, combined with Matterport® tags allows you to insert explanatory notes or videos will enhance their experience tenfold.

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Get the Retail advantage

Attract more customers

Stand out from the competition. Presentation in the form of nice photos has long been standard, but a truly immersive experience from a 3D virtual tour will draw everyone in.

We are open 24/7

Your virtual store never closes. And who knows? For example, the ability to enter your store at any time will appeal to even the most demanding customers who want to use your services during the most unsocial of hours.

Visits from Google Streetview

Nearly half of users will use Google Street view when searching for a store or company location. We can integrate a 3D virtual tour into this application. You will literally be “on the map”.

See for yourself

We offer a powerful suite of features

A dollhouse or digital twin view can offer an overall view of the space, so you can easily get a clear idea of any location within any section of the property. Within the 3D model, you can freely rotate and zoom in.
HDR-quality 4K photos that are perfect for online, print advertising or marketing materials.

Based on your requirements, we will create tags for individual interior elements. You can for example fully describe the kitchen unit in detail or add specific notes to the picture on the wall.

High-quality scale drawings directly from a 3D model after scanning. These can be uploaded to AutCAD or any other architectural software. Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality.
We can provide 3D measurements of your space with 99% accuracy. In addition to the floor plan, you can have the dimensions of individual objects displayed during the virtual tour. This feature can be a selling point to anyone thinking about changes to the interior.
Automatically generate engaging animated gifs and video clips ready to post and share on social media.


We believe in a simple pricing structure. You get all the features you need.

Spaces up to 1000 m2


  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Up to 35 tags
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 4K HDR quality photos
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 1 year of 3D walkthrough hosting
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Licensing rights
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Additional tag – 260Kč
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Hosting after first year – 520Kč/month
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x 3D walkthrough raw data – 19.750Kč
Spaces over 1000 m2


One size does not fit all. If your space is larger than 1000m2 or you have other special requirements, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect solution tailor-made for your space.



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