Whether you’re an insurance carrier, a claims adjuster or property owner, 3D scanning makes for the most accurate, transparent, and fair documentation and valuation – helping you to resolve claims much faster.

Property owner

Get a 3D model of your home or business. Especially if you have specific assets that you wish to protect. After any calamity, you could present your insurance company with a 3D model with all the details of the property, the exact location of the assets inside, detailed descriptions of those assets and the possibility to view from any angle.

Insurance carrier

The resolution of any insurance claim, especially in the event of a fire or flood, ideally requires a comparison with the situation before and after.

Take advantage of 3D scanning, which will provide detailed records of the property you are insuring. In the event that you settle an insurance claim in the future, you will not have to rely on any circumstantial evidence or low-quality photographs.

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Get the Insurance advantage

Detailed records

A virtual 3D image matches up to the most detailed comparison with the real situation when resolving any claims.

You have a detailed record of the insured property for the future.

Accurate inventory

Thanks to the Matterport® tags functionality, you can add additional information to specific furniture, fittings and other insured assets.

Tags can be in text, image or video format. You can easily specify the material used or the details of any particular object.

Fortune favors the prepared

Acquisition of a 3D scan will prepare you for possible differences of opinion or disagreements over any insurance claim.

You can provide a building and contents inventory for insurance, or as an insurance company take an initial inventory. Making a scan as a record will lower the possibility of fraud.

We offer a powerful suite of features

A dollhouse or digital twin view can offer an overall view of the space, so you can easily get a clear idea of any location within any section of the property. Within the 3D model, you can freely rotate and zoom in.
HDR-quality 4K photos that are perfect for online, print advertising or marketing materials.

Based on your requirements, we will create tags for individual interior elements. You can for example fully describe the kitchen unit in detail or add specific notes to the picture on the wall.

High-quality scale drawings directly from a 3D model after scanning. These can be uploaded to AutCAD or any other architectural software. Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality.
We can provide 3D measurements of your space with 99% accuracy. In addition to the floor plan, you can have the dimensions of individual objects displayed during the virtual tour. This feature can be a selling point to anyone thinking about changes to the interior.
Automatically generate engaging animated gifs and video clips ready to post and share on social media.


We believe in a simple pricing structure. You get all the features you need.

Spaces up to 1000 m2


  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Up to 35 tags
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 4K HDR quality photos
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 1 year of 3D walkthrough hosting
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Licensing rights
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Additional tag – 260Kč
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Hosting after first year – 520Kč/month
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x 3D walkthrough raw data – 19.750Kč
Spaces over 1000 m2


One size does not fit all. If your space is larger than 1000m2 or you have other special requirements, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect solution tailor-made for your space.


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