Your online presence can be a much more immersive and engaging experience. Learn how a 3D virtual tour will help you.


Give your guests special treat before they visit you in person. Thanks to a 3D virtual tour, they will find the seating with the nicest view, the table to enjoy some privacy, or a place close to the bar. They can choose the ideal table to suit their personal dining preference.

Gone are the days when it was enough to show photos of a few photogenic dishes and edited photos of the interior. You can show potential clients everything with a virtual tour. You can be sure that your guests will arrive content, and with well-informed expectations.


The vast majority of people search for accommodation on the Internet. Everyone is looking for something a little different, but no one wants to be disappointed when they arrive. Offer your potential clients a detailed tour of your hotel or your guesthouse online.

The reservation will be confirmed by really enthusiastic guests who will be looking forward to paying you a visit.

Thanks to the 3D virtual tour, you will also reach a much wider range of clients, as your accommodation will stand out from a plethora of predictable and anodyne web presentations. After all, a virtual visit is a more enriching experience than viewing an online photo album.

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Get the Hospitality advantage

You have something to be proud of

Present your accommodation in its entirety. Thanks to the 3D virtual tour, your guests will have a good idea of what to expect. This will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disappointments.

Efficient marketing

Because you are showing the complete hospitality package available to your potential guests, instead of the partial snapshots, your offer has a more professional appearance.

This will be appreciated by a much wider audience of potential customers.

Satisfied customers

As the perfect host, it stands to reason that you want completely satisfied customers. With a 3D virtual tour, you can meet them while they browse online, so you can extend a cordial welcome virtually, as well as in reality, to your enthusiastic clients.

These are the guests that will write your five-star reviews.

We offer a powerful suite of features

A dollhouse or digital twin view can offer an overall view of the space, so you can easily get a clear idea of any location within any section of the property. Within the 3D model, you can freely rotate and zoom in.
HDR-quality 4K photos that are perfect for online, print advertising or marketing materials.

Based on your requirements, we will create tags for individual interior elements. You can for example fully describe the kitchen unit in detail or add specific notes to the picture on the wall.

High-quality scale drawings directly from a 3D model after scanning. These can be uploaded to AutCAD or any other architectural software. Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality.
We can provide 3D measurements of your space with 99% accuracy. In addition to the floor plan, you can have the dimensions of individual objects displayed during the virtual tour. This feature can be a selling point to anyone thinking about changes to the interior.
Automatically generate engaging animated gifs and video clips ready to post and share on social media.


We believe in a simple pricing structure. You get all the features you need.

Spaces up to 1000 m2


  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Up to 35 tags
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 4K HDR quality photos
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x 1 year of 3D walkthrough hosting
  • D4E3BFC6-F6B4-4E2D-A628-8E3431F30790@3x Licensing rights
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Additional tag – 260Kč
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x Hosting after first year – 520Kč/month
  • 1A8C8D99-A82E-4271-9FCC-0A2BD709A40D@3x 3D walkthrough raw data – 19.750Kč
Spaces over 1000 m2


One size does not fit all. If your space is larger than 1000m2 or you have other special requirements, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the perfect solution tailor-made for your space.


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